Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Around the kitchen part 1

en skål- a bowl
en gaffel- a fork    

en sked- a spoon
en kniv- a knife

En Kopp- a cup

en servett- a napkin


                       en flaska-a bottle                  
en stekpanna  - a fryingpan

en tekanna-a teapot

en kastrull- a saucepan

Monday, August 6, 2012

Article 1

Seglare- Sailor
Guld- gold

seglingen - race
guldmedalj- gold medal

                         Tävlingen - Competition
                         Tävla - compete 

Längdhoppare-long jumper

Besviken- Disappointed

Simhopp- diving


Using these vocabulary words you can practice reading this article...You may run into more words you dont know. Feel free to look them up.

First 10 words

handbojor- handcuffs

Fängelse - Jail
Polisbil-Police car

 Polis- Police

Polishund- police dog



Hjälp- help


I find the easiest way for me to expand my vocabulary in a new language is to take 10 new words every day or so and memorize them. Eventually you will have a whole arsenal of words at your disposal. Having a broad vocabulary helps you better communicate and understand.